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    A hot topic in both the tax and IT industries in Serbia is the announcement that the amendments to the Personal Income Tax Act will be adopted.
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    How to open a company in Serbia
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DMK Tax & DMK Tax & Finance è la società serba che offre servizi fiscali, legali e consulenza, la quale è specializzata nel soddisfare le esigenze delle imprese straniere e individuali. Noi possiamo stare il suo partner per il mercato serbo; qui potete trovare tutte quelle servizi di consulenza che vi servono per gestire gli affari in Serbia. Per saperne di piu...


Trusted partner for secure business

Servizi fiscali

Combining our tax and finance expertise, we provide comprehensive taxation services for both commercial and individual clients, focusing on your needs and prosper. 


You chose the level of services you need: from assisting in certain area of accounting to complete bookkeeping and accounting service.


Payroll services

We are experts in payroll service, from seting the payroll sheme to comlex bonus payments. It is important to understand  labor regulations as well as taxation treatment of salaries and benefits - tax and social security contributons.


Sede/ufficio legale in Serbia

Virtual Office in Serbia is a service for foreign companies that need an address for business registration. We provide you with the virtual office address for your company at the center of Belgrade.

I servizi di Business Outsourcing

Most of our clients are originally foreign entities, and we have responded to their need for some additional basic services when they initially enter the market.

Consulenza finanziaria

We provide valuation of equity using one or more of the recognized appraisal approaches (income, cost or market), valuation of intangible assets, business plans preparation and bugeting services.


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