Bill on the write-off of certain taxes and contributions

Belgrad, 05.04.2012.
The Serbian government has proposed a law regulating the write-off of accrued and unpaid interest on certain taxes and contributions that are due for payment by 31 December 2011.

Under this proposal interest will be written off to taxpayers who apply by 30 June 2013 for the following taxes:

  • personal income tax, including taxes on income from self-employment,
  • corporate income tax,
  • transfer tax,
  • inheritance and gift tax,
  • tax for registered weapons,

as well as taxes that were charged in the past: payroll tax, tax on financial transactions and sales tax.

Also, for those who meet the deadline, the interests for contributions for compulsory pension and disability insurance and contributions for compulsory insurance against unemployment will be written off.

Write-offs are allowed under two main conditions:
- That the taxpayer have paid main debt obligations due until 31 December 2011, before applying for write-offs.
- That the taxpayer have paid the main debt, interest and costs of enforced collection under these commitments due for payment from 01 January 2012, before applying to write off the interest.