National Bank of Serbia

The primary objective of the National Bank of Serbia is to achieve and maintain price stability. Without prejudice to its primary objective, the National Bank of Serbia also contributes to the safeguarding and strengthening of the stability of the financial system.


Serbian Business Registers Agency

The Serbian Business Registers Agency, among others, runs the following business registers as single, centralized, public electronic databases:

The Business Register (Register of Companies, Register of Entrepreneurs, Register of foreign parties), The Financial Leasing Register, The Register of Pledges over Movable Property and Rights, Register of Public Media, Register of Associations, Register of Foreign Associations, Register of Tourism, Register of Financial Statements...


Commission for Protection of Competition

The Commission for Protection of Competition was established by the Law on Protection of Competition as an independent and autonomous body vested with public authority in order to protect competition in the Republic of Serbia and to achieve economic development and welfare of society, and especially benefits of the consumer.


Tax Administration

Incorporated within the Ministry of Finance, Tax Administration carries out the assessment, control and collection of public revenues. Tax Administration of Serbia today comprises 179 organizational units, located on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.


Securities Commission

The Securities Commission safeguards orderly functioning of the securities market, enhancing investor protection and ensuring integrity, efficiency and transparency of the market. In this regard, the Securities Commission oversees the application of: The Law on the Capital Market, The Takeover Law and The Law on Investment Funds.


Serbian Government

The government has executive power in the Republic of Serbia.

At the Government website you can learn the facts about Serbia, find documents published by the Government etc.


National Assembly

The National Assembly is the supreme representative body and holder of constitutional and legislative branches in the Republic of Serbia. Find laws and other acts adopted by the National Assembly.


Customs Administration

The Customs Administration, part of the Ministry of Finance, is an executive authority of the Government that enforces the customs policy of the Republic of Serbia. The Customs Administration performs its tasks and duties through 15 territorial units – customs offices, with smaller internal units organized as customs posts and customs units.


Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance performs public administration tasks related to: the state budget; determining of consolidated balance of public revenue and public spending; system and policy of taxes, tariffs and other public revenue; public expenditure policy; management of available public funds of the Republic of Serbia; public debt and financial assets of the Republic of Serbia...


SIEPA - Serbia Investment and Export Promotion Agency

SIEPA is a government organization dedicated to effectively helping foreign investors and buyers, while raising Serbia’s profile in the minds of international business decision-makers. It mission is to support foreign companies seeking to set up or expand in Serbia and Serbian companies when doing business worldwide.


Administration for the Prevention of Money Lundering

The Administration for the Prevention of Money Laundering (APML) is the financial-intelligence unit (FIU) of the Republic of Serbia, which is the central anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing (AML/CFT) body in the system. APML’s powers and responsibilities are provided for in the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (AML/CFT Law).


Free Economic Zones Administration

Administration for free zones is established as administrative entity within the ministry in charge of financial affairs, in order to carry out state administration activities in the field of free zones.


Serbian Chamber of Commerce

Serbian Chamber of Commerce is an independent and non-budgetary institution, the national association of Serbian businessmen which puts its tradition, experience, knowledge and expertise at the service of the interests of its members and the Serbian economy. Provides business support through the representation of members’ interests before government bodies, the exercise of public authority by issuing different types of documents, business education...


Statistical Office

The Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia is special professional organization in the system of state administration of the Republic of Serbia that performs the expert tasks related to: adopting programs, organization and conducting of the statistical surveys, methodology creation, collecting, processing, statistical analysis and publishing of the statistical data; preparation and adopting of unique statistical standards...


Privatization Agency

The Privatization Agency is the central operational institution of the concept of privatization in Serbia, responsible for organizing, implementation and control of the privatization process.


Central Securities Depository and Clearing house

The CSD represents an institution meant to help the development of the financial market in Serbia. Its operations include the registering of all types of securities issued on the territory of Serbia, including bonds, treasury bills and shares. Among other responsibilities the CSD opens accounts for legal entities and physical persons, transfers the securities from the previous to the account of the new owner, registers the collateral rights of third persons and performs the clearing and settlement of both securities and money transactions...