Construction permits in Serbia to be obtained in 28 days starting from 1st March 2015

Belgrad, 02.03.2015.
Adoption of all 28 bylaws, pursuant to the Law on Planning and Construction, will allow the construction permits to be issued within 28 days starting from 1st March 2015, instead of 240 days, as the previous average was.

Compared to the existing practice, introduced changes prescribe that investor will be relieved of obtaining all the evidences already owned by state or other authority. These evidences will be obtained by authority responsible for issuing construction permits, ex officio, in the unified procedure.

The introduction of the unified system will save time and make possible to track process in each stage, while all costs in the proceedings will be confined to the actual cost of these actions for bodies which undertake them.
The number umber of procedures is reduced, for example, instead of a location permit (“lokacijska dozvola”), as an administrative act, locational conditions (“lokacijski uslovi”) will be issued as public document. Instead of going through the number of administrative procedures involving public companies and other holders of public authority that issued the requirements, almost all investor’s relations with public authorities will be regulated on the basis of one single act: locational conditions.

The construction of buildings on the basis of the principle of ”design and build” is allowed. This change not only allows significant acceleration of procedures, given that the building permits will be issued pursuant to significantly simplified projects, but investors will receive significantly cheaper deals as the same company will be allowed to do both the project and the construction works, as opposed to the case when these are separate contracts, as the current situation is.

It is envisaged that the issuance of electronic constructions permits in Serbia will begin in the second half of 2015.