Excise tax imposed on fuel oil

Belgrad, 25.05.2012.
From 25 May 2012 the excise tax in amount of 57.07 din/kg is imposed on the fuel oil extra light (EL) and fuel oil extra light euro.

Minister of Finance and Minister for Infrastructure and Energy Regulations adopted The Regulation of amending The Regulation on the list of other petroleum products obtained from petroleum fractions which have a distillation range of 380 ° C (Regulations), which was published in ”Official Gazette of RS”, no. 53/2012. Regulations has abolished the previous exemption of excise duty on fuel oil extra light (EL) and fuel oil extra light euro.

Amendments to the Regulations came into force on 25.05.2012. From that day manufacturers and importers will be obliged to calculate and pay the excise tax on previously mentioned petroleum products.

Excise tax on fuel oil is 57.07 din / kg. The excise tax is not charged and not paid for stocks of produced and imported quantities of oil fuel on 25.05.2012.

Amendments to the Regulations were made in order to prevent abuses in trade listed derivatives, or to prevent sales of oil fuel instead of euro-diesel.