Incentives to investors who produce audiovisual works in Serbia

Belgrad, 02.05.2016.
Public call for incentives to film industry.

In 2015 Goverment of Republic of Serbia adopted a Bylaw on incentives to investors to produce audiovisual work in the Republic of Serbia. On the basis of this Regulation Ministry of Economy on 15th April 2016 issued a permanently open public call to all investors interested in production of audiovisual work in Serbia. Incentives shall be allocated in the amount of 20% of qualified expenses made by the investor in the Republic of Serbia.

Investor can receive the mentioned incentives if he produces:

  1. Feature films, TV films, feature-length documentary and animated films intended for screening, which last at least 70 minutes ;
  2. TV series of at least three episodes which last at least 40 minutes ;
  3. Documentary TV program which lasts at least 40 minutes.

Also, in order to produce an audiovisual piece, the investor must meet the requirement of the minimum investment for each of specific format:

  1. For feature film, TV film and TV series: 300,000.00 EUR;
  2. For animated film, audio and/or visual coproduction of an audiovisual work: 150,000.00 EUR;
  3. For special-purpose film: 100,000.00 EUR
  4. For documentary film 50,000.00 EUR

Request for receiving incentives shall be submitted by an investor to the Commission for Allocating Incentives  along with the accompanying documentation. The investor is obliged to submit a bank guarantee for the bid in the amount of 5% of the total estimated costs intended for the production of audiovisual work, in favor of the Republic of Serbia - Ministry of Economy. The investor is obliged to prove that at the time of application he provided at least 30% of funds allocated to the cost of production of audiovisual work in the Republic of Serbia.

The request for incentive funds must be submitted by 30 September of the current year. Requests received after this date shall be considered as requests concerning the following budget year.