Support of IT sector in Serbia announced

Belgrad, 12.02.2013.
The website of the Ministry of Finance and Economy of Serbia published a working paper on incentives and support for the software industry and IT services in Serbia in four segments: start-up, outsourcing, development and export of original software products, development of centers of large multinational companies.

The support measures are:

1. Support for IT entrepreneurship and start-up projects

  • Grants for start-up projects
  • Support the development of business incubators for IT companies

2. Tax incentives for software companies

  • Tax credits for investment in research and development
  • Exemption from the obligation to pay contributions on earnings

3. Support for exporting software products and solutions

  • Covering the costs of entering foreign markets
  • Support in the form of information about foreign markets
  • Support and promote the export of local software products and solutions.

4. Improvement of the legal framework

5. Improving education

6. Promotional Campaign