Grants to innovative fast-growing companies

Belgrade, 08.04.2013.
Public call for grants under the Program of supports of innovative fast-growing companies is opened till 7 May 2013.

The overall objective of the Program implemented by the Ministry of Finance and Economy is to support the strengthening of innovative fast growing SMEs, entrepreneurs and cooperatives to increase competitiveness through participation in co-financing of the eligible costs for the following activities:

1) Development of new products or services - activities include preparation of new products / services in the technical and technological terms;

2) Significant improvement in existing products or services - activities include functional and qualitative modifications of existing products / services;

3) Preparation of industrial design / redesign products - activities include the development of new products / services or modify existing relating to its aesthetic features;

4) Developing the design of new packaging products - an activity related to the development of new packaging design of products / services;

5) Marketing planning of a product / service - activities include preparation of new product / service that aims to reduce the uncertainty of success of new products / services to the market through market analysis, competition analysis and branches, product research, sales research and others.;

6) Improving existing and introducing new production processes - the activity includes the preparation or production of a new advanced way;

7) Compliance with the requirements of industry -specific domestic and European technical regulations and standards in the area of ​​product safety, environmental protection and energy efficiency;

8) The purchase of specialized software packages relevant to the improvement of the business activities of the enterprise (ERP, etc.);

9) Specialized training (strategic planning and management, financial management, etc..)

10) Business Consulting (preparation of medium-term strategic plan of the company, branding, process improvement points, the introduction of a new organizational structure, etc..)

11) Preparation of design documentation for new facilities - activities include preparation of technical studies with the drawings and displays all the necessary grounds, views, sections, details and elements for new business facilities, equipment, facility and other extensions of the entity that will be the subject of further investment.

Total funds available for the Program amounts to RSD 40 million, and the right to co-finance up to 50 percent of the eligible costs of the project. The amount of the approved grant may not be less than RSD 100,000, or more than RSD 1.5 million.