Proposed amendments to the Law on Personal Income Tax

Belgrade, 30.03.2012.
The draft law provides increase of non-taxable income from 7,822 RSD to 10,000 RSD.

The Serbian government has proposed a law amending the Law on Personal Income Tax (”Off. Gazette of RS”, no. 24/2001, 80/2002, 80/2002 - dr. Law 135/2004, 62/2006, 65/2006 - corr., 31/2009, 44/2009, 18/2010 50/2011 91/2011 - decision C.C.) and submitted to the National Assembly of RS on 2 April 2012. pending for approval by the National Assembly of RS.

Also, the amendments stipulate that the capital gain is not determined and is not taxed on income earned from the transfer of real estate that taxpayer has held in its portfolio for at least three years prior sale.

The draft amendment of the Act provides that for 2013. year shall not and does not pay tax on income from
Agriculture and Forestry on the cadastral income.