Reimbursement of VAT to the foreign taxpayer in Serbia

Belgrade, 31.01.2013.
The latest amendments to the VAT Law, significantly broadens the scope of VAT reimbursement to foreign taxpayers in Serbia.

Specifically, from 01.01.2013, pursuant to Art. 53 of the VAT Law reimbursement of VAT shall be made to the foreign taxpayer, at his request, for the sales of movable goods and rendered services in Serbia, provided:

  1. that the VAT for the sales of goods and services is stated in the invoice, in accordance with VAT Law, and that the invoice was paid;
  2. that the amount of VAT for which he submits request for reimbursement of VAT is higher of EUR 200 in dinar equivalent as per the means exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia;
  3. that conditions are fulfilled under which the VAT taxpayer could gain the right to deduction of input tax for those goods and services in accordance with this Law;
  4. that he renders only transportation services for the goods that are in accordance with Art. 24, par. 1, items 1, 5 and 8 of VAT Law exempt of tax, or that he only carries out transport of passengers that in accordance with Art. 49, par. 7 of VAT Law is subject to individual taxation of transportation and does not perform any other sales in Serbia.

Reimbursement of VAT is done only under reciprocity rule.