One-stop business registration system is fully implemented in practice in Serbia – Company formation in just 24h

Belgrado, 18.08.2016.
Serbian Business Registers Agency (SBRA) issued on 15 August 2016 press release stating that thanks to the advancement one-stop system of registration, company formation and issuance of Tax Identification Number (TIN) time is shortened to a maximum of 24 hours.

SBRA and Serbian Tax Administration (TA) carried out consolidation of its procedures, so instead of going to the TA, it is sufficient to submit Single registration form with SBRA. At the same time, one can also submit VAT registration and apply for flat-rate taxation for entrepreneurs, which was previously done at TA.

Although the deadline for the issuing decision on the registration is 5 days from receipt of the registration application, SBRA has shortened this deadline in practice to only 24 hours.

Implementation of one stop company formation system started on 1st March 2016.